Features and Overviews

  • The data is available by category of banks – Public, Private, Co-operative, Foreign & Small Finance Banks (SFBs).
  • Understand & analyse the pattern in market share movements in deposits & credit by category of banks at micro-geographies – districts & centres.
  • Build market penetration approach for products across micro-geographies by deciphering the trends & patterns in market share across deposit/loan products by Public/Private/SFB/Foreign/RRBs banks.
  • Visualise & analyse the current market size & growth of deposits & credit at micro geographies – district & centres. Build product-wise business targets & strategies by     understanding the trends in size of deposit or automobile loans, across districts/centres & the growth in these micro-markets.
  • An analytical double-map presentation of market share & growth in deposits or type of loan to understand the competition & growth potential with precision. A classic twin map view facilitates understanding the regions/centres with intense competition & the up-side growth potential with precision to make informed decisions on resources allocation & expansion in regions/centres.
  •  The metrics and data visualised as maps and charts are presented as ‘Export to Excel’. The datapoints are amenable for further analysis as this is presented in a standardized format.
  • Identify regions & towns that can be focussed for market expansion in terms of more branch network or opportunities for new products in the micro-markets.
  • New markets can be explored after thoroughly understanding the existing dynamics of of deposits & credit in the markets & build informed Go-to-market strategies in new regions/centres.
  • Quick, ready-to-use analytical tabulations on market size, growth & market share. A ready-reckoner for management to get a quick-view of the deposit & credit markets.