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    Geo-Visualize Indian Banking Statistics

What is Geocrede?

Granular database on banking deposits & credit markets in India

GeoCreDe helps you to sift through maze of banking data on deposits & credit to identify the micro-geographies with business opportunities. The data-driven, map-based platform encapsulates the quarterly data releases on deposits & credit, at districts & towns, released by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The authentic & comprehensive data released on the banking sector’s – mobilisation of deposits & disbursal of credit, facilitates informed decision-making in Banks & NBFCs as well as in conducting research in consulting & academia.s

Why Geocrede ?

Driving informed decisions on retail deposit & credit markets
A Quintessential Banking Platform
  • Market Sizing & Potential
  • Growth Hot-spots
  • Comparative study (region wise)
  • Performance evaluation of branches
  • Trends in Market share
  • Identify emerging hotspots
  • Understand Product x Regional matrices
  • Identify regional stabilization

Market Sizing

Granular market potential


Penetration by geography & category of bank


Identify new business opportunities

Twin Maps/Market

Building a book in a competitive market

Who Can Benefit?

GeoCrede, as a platform is an integrated repository of data, maps and querying-modules to criss-cross the Indian banking data. GeoCrede’s analytic capabilities seeks to help bankers understand trends and progress of credit-offtake and deposit mobilisation to the utmost level of geographic granularity. Bankers can use GeoCreDe for identifying potential, measuring performance and planning for future — identify opportunities for branch expansion & consolidation, liabilities & assests product mix, annual planning of allocation of resources and strategic intervention in markets.
NBFCs can use GeoCrede to understand micro-geographies – down to the banking centre (city/town) level and make targeted decisions on branch expansion & consolidation and their product-mix. NBFCs can use credit-by-occupation-level data as a leading indicator to channelize their resources and build future plans
Geo Crede is armed with a time-series database on the Indian banking sector from 2012-13 till latest quarterly release as per the Reserve Bank of India. This series of quarterly data is useful to understand seasonality, fluctuations along with trends and progress in financial inclusion. The map-based analytics provides researchers a visual representation and spatial distribution of parameters pertaining to banking. The provision of centre-level data seeks to present a very granular level of banking data to understand financial inclusion
Consultants working for banks can provide insights on
  • regional banking performance,
  • comparative analytics in relation to market performance at a granular level
  • identify and inform bank management on emerging banking hotspots and for different type of products
  • understand regional issues in various aspects of banking including financial inclusion
  • provide their clients deep insights on sectoral credit by different regions

What is there in Geocrede?

  • Deposit
  • Credit by Occupation
  • No.of Branches
  • Credit

Banking Statistics

  • Average Deposit/Credit per Branch (Rs Cr)
  • Growth Rate (%) – YoY and PoP
  • CASA, Credit Deposit Ratio & Market Share (%)
  • Index of Banking Concentration (Herfindahl Index)
  • Per-capita Deposit/Credit (Rs.) (District-level)
  • Average Population Per Branch (District-level)

Computed Metrics

The data is sourced from public domain – Reserve Bank of India. The data, as presented by the RBI is in a very non-user friendly manner, especially to undertake time series analysis or extend to detailed analysis on spreadsheet softwares. The downloaded data is normalized and indexed as per database requirements. With upload of every new data release, the datasets are appended to the existing set of data.

Features and Overviews


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(Geo) visual analytics

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Twin Map

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We are pleased to inform additional features in GeoCreDe

1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Equity inflows for Districts
The GoI has released quarterly FDI equity inflows at a district level. GeoCreDe captures the quarterly FDI equity flows data series from 2019-20 onwards along with Geo visualisation of the data. Read More

2. Aspirational Districts
Under the ageis of Niti Aayog, the Aspirational Districts program was launched by GoI. GeoCreDe now provides that banking data as well as the Geo Visualisation for the Aspirational Districts. Close